Daniel Schreiber on Storytelling, Running a Public Company - Invested w/ Michael Eisenberg E5

On the 5th episode of Invested, Michael hosts Daniel Schreiber, the co-founder and co-CEO of Lemonade, the AI-powered insurance company driven by social impact. Lemonade hit one million paying customers faster than Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon did, and 5–10 times faster than the most formidable insurers in the U.S. (Allstate, GEICO, State Farm, USAA). At a 150% compound annual growth rate, their top line accelerated faster in their first 5 years of operation than did Facebook’s, Amazon’s, or Apple’s.

Prior to co-founding Lemonade in 2015, Daniel served as President and a member of the board of directors of Powermat Technologies Ltd., a wireless charging solutions and technology company. Daniel is a serial entrepreneur. His first company – Alchemedia, an internet security software company  was acquired by Finjan Software in 2002. Daniel is also a trained commercial lawyer. He holds a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honors from King's College London.

You can find Lemonade at lemonade.com and can find Daniel on Twitter @daschreiber. 

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Key Topics:  
[0:00] Intro 
[2:57] How we know each other 
[3:43] Lemonade’s beginning 
[6:30] Different types of investors 
[9:05] What Lemonade could have done better
[10:55] Risk management vs. uncertainty
[15:58] Why to go public 
[21:20] Stock prices
[23:20] Competition 
[29:10] Business model alignment 
[35:00] Are people good? 
[39:10] Values create economic value
[40:45] Storytelling
[43:00] Gas and miles-per-gallon 
[46:30] For-profit vs. non-profit status 
[53:00] Community in business
[57:00] Corporate social stands 
[59:00] Developing entrepreneurial children 
[1:01:00] Grandparents
[1:03:00] What problem do you most want to fix?
[1:03:40] What makes you vulnerable? 
[1:04:15] Why didn’t you give up? 
[1:05:30] How do you want to be remembered? 
[1:06:45] What did you learn from Har Etzion?

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