Daniel Goleman's 6 Leadership Styles for Team Leaders

In his book, The New Leaders, Daniel Goleman and his co-authors set out 6 leadership styles for team leaders.

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Program 4: Managing & Leading Groups
Course 3: Teams
Section 3: Team Leadership

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The New Leaders (2002) Daniel Goleman with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee.
You can get it here: https://geni.us/5ziIw

Six Team Leadership Styles

And authoritative and inspiring style that moves people towards a positive goal or vision.
‘Come with me’
• Serves: need for purpose
• Useful when: team needs inspiring with a new direction or new start
• Impact on team mood: positive
• Requires: self-confidence and empathy

Primary role is developing people to perform well now, and meet the needs of the future. Can develop individuals, teams, or both.
‘Try this’
• Serves: organizational goals
• Useful when: you need to enhance capabilities above all else – can be short, medium, or long-term
• Impact on team mood: highly positive
• Requires: insight, empathy, self-awareness

Creates team harmony, relationship, and bonds, for solid teamwork.
‘People first’
• Serves: need for connections and a place
• Useful when: team-building or repairing relationships and trust within team
• Impact on team mood: positive
• Requires: empathy, communication skills, courage, openness

Forges consensus through participation. Takes all input and treats everyone equally.
‘What do you think?’
• Serves: Need for participation and equity
• Useful when: You need ideas or you need everyone’s commitment
• Impact on team mood: Positive
• Requires: collaboration, communication, climate of total respect

Sets high standards for performance – often through setting an example..
‘Do as I do… Now’
• Serves: need for achievement
• Useful when: there are tough goals and results matter
• Impact on team mood: negative unless executed extremely well
• Requires: drive, conscientiousness, empathy, initiative

Gives clear direction and demands immediate compliance..
‘Do as I tell you’
• Serves: need for direction, confidence, certainty
• Useful when: there is a crisis, or urgent need for specific action
• Impact on team mood: negative unless executed extremely well
• Requires: confidence, self-control

1. Consider the way you leader your team. Which of these 6 team leadership styles do you tend to use? And which do you not use much? (2 MC CPD Points)
2. How appropriate do you consider your balance of Goleman's 6 leadership styles to be? What changes could you make for the better? (2 MC CPD Points)
3. Make those changes and monitor your performance and the outcomes your choices have on your team's performance for two weeks. Reflect on what you learn and what your next priorities are. (3 MC CPD Points)

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