Dairy, Farm Bureau and Social Media. All Things Agriculture Episode 16: Paul Fouts

Paul Fouts is a 3rd generation owner-operator of Fouts Farm, a 600 cows dairy, located in Groton NY.

I'm Eric Carey the host of All things Agriculture Podcast. I am a 5th generation dairy farmer in Groton NY. We milk 300 cows and practice rotational grazing.

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0:00- Intro
1:30- History of Fouts Farm
7:50-County and State Farm Bureau Experience
33:00- Paul's Facebook presence
48:35- Future outlook for dairy
56:30- Paul's experience with farm diversification
1:05:30- Problems with milk business
1:11:40-Paul's hobbies
1:16:05-Paul's career if he wasn't a dairy farmer
1:19:05- The rewards of working in a family business
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