Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Seasonal Cleaning Routine | Cleaning TIPS & HACKS | Habits for a Clean Home

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Seasonal Cleaning Routine | Cleaning TIPS & HACKS | Habits for a Clean Home

Daily Cleaning Routine:
• Make bed
• Do one load of laundry each day. Fold clothes and put in wardrobes.
• Clean dirty dishes
• Wipe down Kitchen counters and dinning table
• Wipe down bathroom surfaces
• Wipe down stove
• Sanitize kitchen and bathroom sinks
• Vacuum high traffic areas
• 10 Mins Declutter and tidy up

Weekly Cleaning Routine:
• Clean the Bathroom
• Vacuum and mop entire house
• Wipe kitchen countertop items
• Refill soaps around the house – kitchen, bathroom, laundry
• Wash bedding, towels, bathroom mats and wash clothes
• Clean mirrors
• Dust and wipe furniture
• Sanitize doorknobs and switch plates
• Home Entrance Cleaning
• Weekly Organization Project - Get rid of excess stuff from your home. Makes cleaning quicker.
• Deep clean the stove top and side edges

Monthly Cleaning Routine:
• Clean the refrigerator and other appliances
• Clean ceilings
• Clean pantry and check for expired items
• Clean rangehood
• Clean under and behind furniture
• Deep clean windows
• Clean the garbage bins
• Clean the windows and sliding door rails
• Organize one area that is dysfunctional. Create a system for filing paper. Have a paper organization system
• Donate regularly. Have a donation box.
• Wipe down doorknobs, switch plates and lamps
• Vacuum the cooling vents and exhaust fans

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