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Enterprise Park Solutions
Our enterprise park solutions offer many opportunities to help keep your industrial premises secure and efficient. This includes Security Management, Entrance, and Exit Management, and Office Collaboration.

- Stats: According to Statistica reports prior to 2020/21, the number of criminal offences in England and Wales had been rising at a fairly rapid pace, increasing from just over 4 million in 2013/14 to the high of over 6 million seen in 2019/20.

Dahua’s AI intelligence products can help protect Enterprises, Corporate businesses, residential properties using the very latest technology solutions. Let’s explore this further.

Here is our recommended Solution Design model for all Enterprise Parks.
Office Area, Car Park, Square, Outdoor Car Park, Security Gate House, Entrance, Perimeter, Inner Roads, Control Centre, Warehouse.

Interactive Whiteboard
We have created smart plug&play interactive whiteboards that can be used for your boardrooms. These offer some incredible features such as face login, Voice Transcribing, Wireless projecting, and Resource Management which serve to improve work satisfaction amongst employees. Our UHD Display has 10x Writing Points and 20x TouchPoints, it is compatible with Android and Windows-based systems to function as an incredible interactive device. We have 5 of these in our boardrooms here at our Dahua Maidenhead office which serves as an efficient digital meeting solution for our Video Conferencing requirements. For more on our Smart Whiteboards please see the link in the description below.

Cost Savings through Digital Signage
Instead of purchasing new material, with digital signage you just need to publish the new programme remotely.

Digital Experience
Digital signage improves the experience.

Management Centre
Use the platform to manage all the terminals from different locations. The programme approval process makes the media more reliable.

Facial Access & Recognition
Our Face verification has an accuracy of 99.5%; face comparison with liveness detection at a speed 0.3s per person. (ASI3213G-MW)

Lift Control
Our Mini Dome cameras work really well in lifts where space is an important consideration. We also have Multi-Sensor multi-camera units for Rooftop placement. We suggest Full-color cameras setups for both Public areas and Entrances, where our Starlight Ball Cameras work really well for Reception, Guard Sentry Boxes, Car Park, and Corridors. Our AI Vandal Resistant Corner Camera is ideal for lifts, offering AI detection for a person of interest detection, user safety, unauthorized floor access, etc.

Using our highly sophisticated but simple to use platform DSS (Dahua Security Software), we can display data from both the camera and the access control terminal, flow statistics, event statistics, and the latest event records. You can also use the DeepXplore feature for searching for any Personnel, Objects, or Vehicles by just uploading an image.

Dahua’s AI Cameras can automatically detect when a hardhat or other personal protective equipment is missing in dangerous areas. The technology can also notify you if any individuals are not wearing masks in a required zone.

Dahua products have deep learning algorithms for the accurate recognition and the location of vehicles;
Our ANPR cameras have built-in LED illuminators with a Motorized varifocal lens, which simplified the process easy installation and commissioning

Parking Detector
Our Parking detector has a Dual-Lens design, that can simultaneously detect up to 6 spaces.
Our parking space indicators can be linked to other outdoor digital signage products for available parking.

Artificial Intelligence
AI technology helps enterprise parks to manage all objects captured on video, including people and vehicles.
Dahua’s Intelligent PTZ (Pan tilt Zoom) Cameras offer advanced touring and auto-tracking.
Receive real-time alarms if a blacklisted person or stranger enters the enterprise Park.
You can search for captured face images from within the library to confirm if a target has been present in the enterprise park.
You can also track using a face image to discover where the target has been.
Dahua’s products also provide metadata for people and vehicles for big data analysis and AI Search / DeepXplore via DSS. Metadata search enables users to search recordings by features making the analysis quicker.

With our systems, you can show the available parking spaces on each floor before entry. There is also a fast response barrier with an anti-fall radar so your tenants' vehicles don't need to stop. For vehicle Parking, we offer precise guidance and car space reservation opportunities.
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