Cybersecurity Governance by AuPI - short professional development course - www.

Course Overview:
This course provides an excellent playbook to construct and manage cybersecurity governance. It applies to the business leaders and managers from a wide range of industries who manage policies, procedures and practices that foster organisational security within and beyond their work context.
The exponential growth in the use of technology, coupled with an emerging awareness of cybercrimes and vulnerabilities, has created unprecedented attention to cybersecurity. However, as of today, cybersecurity is considered to be predominantly technical and most often delegated to the technical team of the organisation. This course identifies this gap and provides an enterprise-wide governance approach to manage cybersecurity. It's a great way to start for the leaders in this space as it sheds light on the key tenets of how cyber resilience can be designed and managed.

This course requires very little or no technical knowledge of computer systems. In this course, you will learn the context, governance, frameworks and risk management of cybersecurity through the lens of business acumen. After completing the course, you should be able to make informed decisions on cybersecurity governance including identifying, protecting, detecting potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Response and recovery of critical cyber incidents will also be covered in-depth with real-life examples.
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