Cybersecurity Documentation Explained

I have led the implementation of over 100 Cybersecurity projects, and I can honestly tell you that the need to have documentation critical to every successful Cybersecurity program. There are several reasons for documentation:

#1. Documented processes make it is easier to train new employees.
#2. The consistent application of approved procedures removes operation and compliance risk.
#3. To be successful at Continual Improvement, we need to know what the documented practice looked like initially.
#4. Compliance Management needs written policies, procedures, standards, and records as evidence.
#5. Problem resolution requires consistent documented processes.
#6. Investigations into Cybersecurity Incidents generally start by following the documented process that led to the breach.

Understanding the documentation and how its used is an essential skill to have. I hope you find this helpful, and if you do, please like and share it.
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