Cybersecurity Basics I Cybersecurity 101

Are you interested in learning about Cybersecurity? Look no further than this full guide that is designed to give you a broad, basic understanding of various cybersecurity concepts as well as various things you can do to continue your cybersecurity journey.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Ethics in Cybersecurity
10:06 Keeping Up In Cybersecurity
19.12 Keeping Up With Attackers
25:26 Humans & Cybersecurity
33:35 OPSEC
42:15 Cybersecurity Jobs
55:42 Resumes
1:10:26 Data Storytelling
1:17:53 Affordable Homelabs
1:25:32 TryHackMe Overview
1:31:58 HackTheBox Overview
1:44:53 NIST Framework
1:54:06 CIA Triad
2:01:17 Top 10 Infosec Terms
2:10:51 Risk Overview
2:15:28 Risk Assessments
2:22:32 Cybersecurity Governance
2:34:26 Cybersecurity Policies
2:38:15 OSI Model
2:43:01 Cloud v On-Prem
2:51:37 Virtualization
2:58:32 Containerization
3:05:52 VPN Overview
3:11:57 Hashing v Encryption
3:23:37 SCADAs
3:27:57 SIEMs
3:36:49 Bug Bounties
3:45:51 Ransomware
3:50:00 Operating Systems
4:02:07 Cyberattack Types
4:14:39 Threat Actor Types
4:28:39 Threat Hunting
4:43:04 Cybersecurity Technologies
4:49:19 Cybersecurity Tools
5:00:55 Networking Tools
5:09:10 Vulnerabilities
5:22:48 Enterprise Security
5:30:20 Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
5:42:35 Penetration Testing
5:51:01 Vulnerability Scanning
5:58:42 Malware
6:09:49 Cyberattack Types II
6:40:49 Social Engineering
6:51:29 You Survived
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