Cyber Security or Cyber Insurance? Why Your Business Needs Both! LetsTalkSOC #podcast New Episode!

New Episode! Sally is joined by Florence Levy, Executive Vice President of INSUREtrust on the #LetsTalkSOC Podcast with Secureworks to discover why cybersecurity measures alone may not be enough and how cyber insurance can provide additional protection for your personal and professional assets. It's a must-listen for anyone concerned about improving their security posture while minimizing policy costs too! #cybersecurity #cyberinsurance

This also builds on both INSUREtrust and Secureworks' pioneering positions in the industry. In April 1997, INSUREtrust was the first company in the world to successfully develop, underwrite, and market an insurance policy covering the new commercial risks generated by using the Internet - such as privacy and security breaches #womenintech

- Thanks for Watching! - @secureworks @INSUREtrust
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