Custom Bubble ERP App Record Management Features (Video #2)

Last week, we launched a brand new video in our series, Can You Build ERP Apps on Bubble?

This series walks you through not only whether you can build an ERP app on Bubble, but also…

- How to start building common features of an ERP
- Which features to focus on first
- Different ways you can customize those features
- Examples of ERP apps
- And more...

If you haven’t seen the first video on ERP apps yet, make sure to check it out here before moving forward.

If you're caught up on that video, though, the next step is to begin building out the app itself - starting with record management.

At their core, ERP apps provide a way to organize a TON of spreadsheet data with interfaces that make creating things, editing, searching, and filtering easy to do for users.

So, when I say "record management," I’m essentially talking about making spreadsheet data more user-friendly.

This is a must-have for any ERP, and in this new video, we’re walking through how this type of functionality can be set up, plus how you can customize it for your unique needs.

If you're looking to build this feature in your own app, or you want to learn how you can customize it for your own app…

Head to the video.


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