CUGH 2022 Plenary: Corruption, Money Laundering, Governance, Global Security

CUGH 2022 Virtual Global Health Conference March 28-April 1, 2022

Speakers: Agnès Soucat, French Development Agency, France; Olusoji Adeyi, World Bank Group; Sean Osei, Financial Intelligence Centre, Ghana; Frank Vogl, Transparency International

Moderator: Keith Martin, Consortium of Universities for Global Health, Canada

Between $1.5 to $3 trillion is lost every year to corruption. Many of these resources are stolen from low income countries, robbing the citizens of these nations of valuable funds that could support their development needs. These funds are usually stored in various assets in high-income countries.This panel of leaders in international development will share some of their personal experiences and what is needed to address corruption and repatriate funds back to their countries of origin.
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