CTO Craft Bytes: Leading and Communicating Successfully Through Change

This fireside chat brought to you by CTO Craft will discuss: Leading and Communicating Successfully Through Change

Starting with the interplay between change project management, we’ll look at the individual journeys team members might go through during a period of change. We'll look at when people support it and when they don't, the importance of trust and transparency, and how to build an open, constructive team culture even if things look challenging.

This will be followed by discussion around effective leadership styles - everything we know about what and how to communicate and the importance of individual members as well as the team as a whole.


David Mathew, Founder at Teams and Leadership

Oscar Mathew, Director & Team Coach at Teams and Leadership


Emma Hopkinson-Spark, Chief of Staff at 101 Ways

David and Oscar are a father and son team. They founded Teams and Leadership in 2017 to offer greater support to clients through training and facilitation complemented by an expanded online platform that enables anyone in an organisation to take control of their own, and their team’s development without the need for external consultants.

CTO Craft is a mentoring and coaching community for technology leaders around the world, focusing on supporting technologists in their leadership growth. The community numbers over a thousand and provides 1:1 coaching, mentoring groups, an online community and events.
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