CSIS Ukraine Economic Reconstruction Commission Report Launch

The CSIS Project on Prosperity and Development invites you to attend the launch event of the CSIS Ukraine Economic Reconstruction Commission's report, Enabling an Economic Transformation of Ukraine: Recovery, Reconstruction, and Modernization. The aim of the report is to focus specifically on the critical role of private sector investment in Ukraine’s economic reconstruction, and how the private sector, both within Ukraine and internationally, can enable Ukraine to win the peace. It provides a short overview of the economic challenges facing Ukraine, including governance, the sectors that will be critical to Ukraine's reconstruction, the roles and responsibilities for the G7, EU, IFIs, and DFIs, and then recommendations for how Ukraine and its partners can best attract private sector investment.

The event will feature opening remarks from Sergiy Tsivkach, the CEO of UkraineInvest. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Commission Co-Chairs Ambassador Paula Dobriansky and Michael Polsky and Commission Member Ambassador William Taylor.
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