Crowdsurfing - December 1, 2021

It's time to take a look at some Kickstarter and GameFound projects!

Intro/Contest: 00:00
Call to Adventure Epic Origins: 01:50
The Spirit of Eden: 05:04
Mindbug: 07:07
Spring and Autumn: Story of China: 10:54
The Realm of Shadows: Trio of Solo Games: 13:54
Ice Cream Float Dice: 19:53
Levee En Masse Solitaire: 21:01
Heroes of the shire: 22:52
Imperial Tide: 26:24
Yoncollon Dice: 27:41
Game of Noncoincidence: 29:47
Hexaquest: 31:47
3 New Valeria Universe Games: 35:00
devil Bunny Games: 39:45
Custom themed fitness weights: 42:28
Mezmocoin Galactic: 43:37
Ninu Smart Perfurme: 45:55
Practical Batsuit: 50:23
People's Pick of the Week: 52:23
Mike's Pick of the Week: 53:04
Tom's Pick of the Week: 53:20
People's Pick of the Week: 53:24
Outro: 55:06

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