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The difficult conversations, arguments, debates, disagreements..... could it be that neither you nor the other one is WRONG... but its just different points of view?! Study and learn! One of the difficulties of human conversations, meetings, conferences... is cross talk, or cross communications which leads to unecessary confusion and more clarity required later on, wasting time and effort for all concerned.

1:27 - What is cross communication? Basic definitions
2:41 - Subconscious patterns of behaviour that affect communications
4:15 - Example of how subconscious pattern affects communciations in daily life
5:29 - Understand your own approach and others around you as well- getting real about it !
6:26 - Intonation, Stress on words and example of how it affects verbal communications
7:44 - Intonation checklist in all human communications
8:37 - One more example of intonation, stress on words while talking and communicating
9:34 - What should I do to get more cooperation from people then ?
10:03 - Emotional response, facial gestures of boss and how it will affect your day - an example
11:45 - Summary of the case study and importance of understanding cross communications
12:55 - a word about different work cultures, in different parts of the world (where I have worked) , the emotional indian

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