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An innovative and Revolutionary Technology, Our exclusive PROTECTO range of Solar Powered Crop Protection Equipments that are destined to assist the Farmers and Farming Companies in their most Backbreaking task i.e. Pest Control and Management without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Few Highlights of this Technology:
✓ Proven Technology in India, France, Phillipines, Holland, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and a few other countries with no active competition.
✓ Effective in controlling 1800+ types of different Phototrophic Insects.
✓ Works on Solar Power so no electricity costs involved.
✓ Zero Maintenance Costs.
✓Fully Automatic and User-friendly.
✓ Reduction in use of harzadous chemical sprays and labour costs involved by atleast 50%-60% leading directly to reduction in Production costs, improved quality and higher export value of the produce, improved health of Farmers and Consumers.
✓ Helps in restoring ecological balance and promotes Biodiversity.

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