CRED's Genius Marketing Strategies explained | BigBrainco. ft. Nikita Pawar

CRED, Maggi, Dominos and a company chain like Godrej have mastered the art of Marketing and in a way that it makes you remember what that product is. Be it Indiranagar ka gunda or Maa ki Maggi. These Ads and the marketing strategies that these companies use are something that all the companies and start-ups aspire to be and all of this starts with understanding the basics of marketing.

This video gives you a proper understanding and an insight into the basics of marketing and it covers the aspects of the 4 basic and very important strategies of Marketing i.e Market Penetration Strategy, Market Development Strategy, Product Development Strategy, Diversification Strategy.

This video will also give you an understanding of social media marketing, content marketing, emotional marketing, and color psychology.

So, make sure you watch the video till the end and know about the marketing secrets that these popular brands follow and incorporate them in your life and startup.

नमस्ते दोस्तों!
CRED, Maggi, Dominos और ऐसी कई Company chains जैसे Godrej ने Marketing के Art को Master किया है जिससे हम उन Products को याद रखते है। फिर चाहे वो इंदिरानगर का गुंडा हो या माँ की मैगी हो। ये Ads और Marketing Strategies जो ये Companies Follow करती है वो सारे Start-ups और Companies भी Follow कर सकती है।

इस Video में आपको Marketing के Basics पर एक Proper Understanding मिलेगी और ये Video में आपको 4 Basic और Important Marketing Strategies भी पता चलेंगे।

ये Video आपको Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Emotional Marketing और Color Psychology पर भी Information देगा।

इस Video को End तक देखे और Marketing Secrets जानकर उनका उपयोग कीजिए।

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00:00 : Introduction
0:56 : Why is Marketing misunderstood?
2:35 : Types of Marketing Strategies
2:46 : Strategy #1
3:20 : Strategy #2
4:05 : Strategy #3
4:37 : Strategy #4
5:17 : Human Behaviour & Marketing
6:12 : Conclusion

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