Creating structure and limits: Preventing and managing problem behaviour in your child

Often times parents misunderstand the true meaning of discipline, they see discipline as yelling, beating and name calling.

Meanwhile this is not what discipline involves. Discipline is not a child's Problem it's a parent's problem.

The reason we say it's about the child is because our definition of discipline in itself is wrong.

Discipline is structure not screaming.

Discipline is setting limits

Discipline is training not beating.

Discipline is not what you do when a child misbehaves;

Discipline is what you do to help a child not to misbehave

And when they misbehave, discipline is what helps them learn, not what makes them afraid.

Unfortunately many parents wait until their children do something wrong to “Discipline” ; that is not discipline, that is a failed strategy.

Any disciplinary strategy that you are using that doesn't teach or help modify that misbehavior should be reviewed.

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