Creating Reliquaries: A Dwarven Forge Documentary

Kickstarter is LIVE now:

For 25 years, we've created miniature terrain to elevate your games. Now, we're going to elevate your dice. This Kickstarter is a special event for multiple reasons, so we decided to take a different approach from our usual and show you a Behind-the-Scenes look at the creation of this Kickstarter.

The Dwarven Forge Team:

Stefan Pokorny: Creator of Dwarven Forge
Jay Zibelman: Business & Finance
Nate Taylor: Chief Creative
Nina Heath: Sculpting & Design
Elye Alexander: Sculpting & Design
Michelle McGriff: Sculpting & Design
Tobi Lieberson: Sculpting & Design
Erin Scime: Painting, Design, & Photography
Erin "Hamster" Miller: Painting & Design
Miles Neuvirth: Prototyping & Engineering
Johanna Pfeund: Web Developer
Janet Feldman: Graphic Design
Latisha Bevel: Graphic Design
Tyler Ankenman: Product Development
Eric Hamilton: Management & Operations
Mace Griffin: Operations & Social Media
Andrew Strother: Marketing & PR
Sylvea Suydam: Video Producer
Chris London: Video/Live Production & Community Management
Casey Carbone: Video Editor, Gaffer
Ray Ruiz: Video Editor, VFX Artist
Chuck McGriff: Product Expert & Customer Support
Raquel Gomez: Customer Support

In collaboration with:

Elliot Malon: Sculptor
Felipe: Concept Artist
Rachel: Concept Artist
Jessie: Dice Artist
Mich: Dice Artist
Kynan: Dice Artist
Tinnel: Engraving Artist
Cait: Engraving Artist
Anthony: Wood Base Design & Prototyping
Brian: Wood Base Prototyping
Aaron "Sauce" Blanton: Director of Photography
Dennis Metoyer: Production Assistant
Battlebards: Original Music

Featuring dice from:

Die Hard Dice
Talon & Claw
Wild Earth Dice
Dice Envy
Waystone Dice
Robin's Nerd Supplies
Metallic Dice Games
R.G. Dice Boutique
Die Twice Dice
Norse Foundry
Gil the Vlogsmith
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