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Welcome back to BOB everyone. @Chris Ramsay and @WES Barker are Magicians, YouTubers, Best Friends, and next door neighbours. Come to this podcast if you like fun. It's mostly stories and nonsense. Super chill. Super honest. Great laughs.

00:00 BOB 136!
00:00:50 Wes + Kevin at the Dollarstore
00:02:34 Kevin Parry's official title
00:05:50 The ping-pong Video
00:14:00 Kevin's Netflix intro
00:16:13 Entering the editor "zone" (video editing talk)
00:24:21 Kevin's advice to aspiring creators
00:26:00 Trying to teach the people that don't want to learn
00:50:54 Kevin's expression on camera
01:02:06 Kevin Parry on a reality tv challenge show!?
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