Ayu is lifespan and Grama is village. Ayurgrama is a model village wherein people lead their daily routines to achieve their healthy lifespan. It’s a village where in everyone knows how to get healthy life. In order to achieve this one must know about every aspect of life through Ayurveda.

2) Why Aaptas Ayurveda is organising Ayurgrama?
Most of the people in rural Bharata are not aware about the science of Ayurveda. To reach the core concepts of healthy life as per Ayurveda there is need to connect youth of Ayurveda to the villages. This program aims to strengthen villagers physically and mentally by sharing the Ayurveda knowledge of promoting health and preventing diseases.
 To celebrate Charaka Jayanti in a meaningful way and propagate his principles of Ayurveda.
 To reach Ayurveda to rural India.
 To involve the youth of Ayurveda in making villages healthy through the principles of Ayurveda.
 To propagate and resume healthy Ayurveda based lifestyle in villages.
 To inculcate the skills of propagating Ayurveda principles to Ayurveda Youths.
 To identify young leaders in Ayurveda and to provide suitable platform.
 To make Ayurgrama to make Ayurbharata

3) Why student should participate in Ayurgrama?
 To explore the need of Ayurveda for the people in village.
 To learn many soft skills such as Behavioural skills, communication skills and management skills.
 To enhance the potential of leadership.
 To explore significance of team work.
 To bring out the creativity.
 To get a lifetime experience of exploring themselves and society.
 They get an opportunity to learn new Knowledge.
 To gain confidence to communicate with society.

Acharya Charaka was one of the principal contributor to Ayurveda. He is known as the compiler of the medical treatise charaka samhita which is one of the foundational treatises of AYURVEDA. His preaching’s and principles are being followed and practiced across the globe. He is one among the most celebrated and admired personality in the field of Ayurveda.
To pay tribute to this great scholar Charaka Jayanti is celebrated every year on the day of Nagara Panchami as he is considered as avatara of Lord Adi Shesha.
This year Charaka Jayanti falls on 2nd AUGUST, 2022, Tuesday. To celebrate and create awareness about Acharya Charaka and his principles for healthy life, Aaptas Ayurveda presents a unique contest as AYURGRAMA this year.

Aaptas Ayurveda is a Non profitable group initiated for the purpose of propagation of Ayurveda. Our aim is to create awareness about Ayurveda among the common public and also in the students of Ayurveda. It was started by passionate Ayurveda Vaidya's and students with a mission 'Reach Ayurveda to Each'.
Our group has successfully organized various events related to Ayurveda. Our team has got thousands of actively participating volunteers across India. Aaptas Ayurveda works on propagation of Ayurveda through Publications, Exhibitions, Educational camps and social media Campaigns. Posters and Flyers on Ayurveda Health tips by AAPTAS is very popular among Ayurveda fraternity for its rich content and quality.
Every year for charaka jayanti Team aaptas comes with unique contests whivh are very much useful for the Ayurveda students.
In the year 2017 on behalf of first Ayurveda day, we organised first school level Ayurveda education programme in Karnataka as NAMMA AYURVEDA. Here Namma Ayurveda book was given to high school students and after teaching for several days we conducted an exam for students and awarded winners.
We organised first ever video contest as MY LOVE FOR CHARAKA on 25th July 2020 which got huge response where 103 participants from 18 states of Bharata participated.
We organised biggest ever national level video contest on 13th august 2021 on behalf of charaka jayanti as CHARAKA FOR IMMUNITY.
This year on behalf of charaka jayanti we came up with unique contest first of its kind in the field of Ayurveda as AYURGRAMA with the Motto AYURGRAMA AYURBHARATA.
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