Create SharePoint List using Power Apps and Power Automate

Learn how to create a SharePoint List and add columns to it using Power Apps and Power Automate. This is done by calling the SharePoint Rest API via the SharePoint HTTP action in flow. You will use a Power Apps app that allows you to dynamically provide the list name, the column names, column type (FieldTypeKind), and required or not. Then you will save your choices in a collection that is sent to Power Automate flow via the JSON function. Once in flow you will use Parse JSON and Apply to each to loop through the array and provide values to the SharePoint HTTP actions. A little nerdy but some great skills to learn.

00:00 It starts
01:47 Demo of creating a SharePoint list and Columns from Power Apps and Power Automate via the SharePoint HTTP action
04:12 Create a SharePoint list with Flow
06:32 Bonus tip how to change it to create a document library via the REST ApI
06:52 Parse JSON Action
08:49 Apply to each through the arrary of columns that need created
09:52 Adding the columns to the SharePoint All Items Default view
10:34 Power Apps create a collection OnStart for the JSON Values and options
12:12 Combine Static and Dynamic data to generate the BODY JSON
15:05 Generate Choice column array of results
17:22 Power Apps Split Function
19:44 Power Apps JSON Function to convert a collection into an array
21:28 View the results of the flow run in studio
24:02 Use Case ideas including approving the list, adding additional static column values, and maybe even list copying

Microsoft FieldTypeKinds

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