Create a WebSocket API in WSO2 API Manager

A WebSocket API is a streaming API in WSO2 API Manager that is implemented based on the WebSocket protocol specification, which is compatible with HTTP. The WebSocket protocol supports full-duplex communication over a channel that is established once. Therefore, WebSocket protocols allow a continuous two-way communication between the server and the client.

You can create a WebSocket API from scratch in WSO2 API-M and export the WebSocket APIs that are created within WSO2 API-M as AsyncAPI definitions. Alternatively, you can also import existing AsyncAPI definitions to create SSE APIs in WSO2 API-M.

This svideo guides you through the process of creating a WebSocket API from scratch in which you can expose a WebSocket backend via WSO2 API Manager. After the API is created, you will be able to create independent channels to connect to each topic in the API. These topics can be mapped to different channels in the backend. As a result, the user can maintain multiple channels with the API to exchange different types of events simultaneously.
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