Cracking the Unacademy Product Management Interview Process | S03E06

We're back with another episode of Breaking into PM Season 3

For this episode, we’ve Gauransh (APM, Unacademy), who shares his exciting journey from APM at Questt to finally landing a role as a APM in Unacademy and his learnings on the way.

Breaking into Product management is a series where we speak to Senior PMs, APMs, or early-stage Product professionals on their journey so far, to give you an insight and some tactical tips that might help you to start your career or shift into product management.

Resources shared by Gauransh:
- PM school Resources
- PM series by TPF
- Tech Simplified by Deepak Singh

Gauransh's LinkedIn Profile:

Gauransh's Twitter profile:

Gauransh's Product profile:

00:00 Introduction
0:45 Initial Journey
5:17 Building a Great Product Portfolio
11:20 How to crack Unacademy APM
20:06 Importance of being curious
22:50 Preparing for Interviews
27:19 Impact of being a volunteer for TPF
33:08 Shoutout

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