Course Info Session 2022-23 | Student Support Services | IIT Bombay

The Course Info Session for 2022-23 by Student Support Services - a briefing about the various academic programmes offered by IIT Bombay from the sophomore year - Minors, Honors, Electives and so on. The session was also graced by seniors who spoke about their respective Minors and shared valuable advice.

Link to the slides: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Tr7I3-bqxpeGGZ--IGJeLsRxA0IdWRcy

1. Prapti Sao (ISAA, Student Support Services 2022-23)
2. Shashank Inamdar (Electrical Engineering Minor)
3. Shantanu Shukla (Systems and Control Engineering Minor)
4. Rohan Sonawane (Entrepreneurship Minor)
5. Ali Asgar Saifee (Management Minor)
6. Khusia Ghosalia (Humanities and Social Sciences Minor)
7. Aryan Gupta (Biosciences and Bioengineering Minor)
8. Kunind Sahu (Centre for Machine Intelligence and Data Science Minor)
9. Rwitaban Goswami (Centre for Machine Intelligence and Data Science Minor)
10. Siddhant Kolke (Koita Centre for Digital Health Minor)
11. Unnatee Pawar (Industrial Design Centre Minor)
12. Puja Maitra (Energy Science and Engineering Minor)
13. Adit Akarsh (Computer Science and Engineering Minor)
14. Adway Girish (Mathematics Minor)

Edited by: Ashwin Abraham (Academic Coordinator, Student Support Services 2022-23)
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