Corruption and Governance in Afghanistan: US and Afghan Perspectives

After two decades of intervention, 240,000 Afghan deaths in the region, and $145 billion spent by the US and the international community, the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan has raised the issue of how the Afghan government fell so quickly. What happened to all the money that was spent? Why couldn't the Afghan government create peace and stability? And how are these two problems linked?

This conversation between a former Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Peace in the Afghan government and a senior official in the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) will discuss problems of corruption and governance from both the Afghan and US perspective, and what lessons can be learned. Could the effort to build a democratic government and nation in Afghanistan have ended differently? This online event will bring together key voices from the US and former Afghan government on the successes, failures, and lessons learned from the war and the decades-long nation building effort in Afghanistan.
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