Corrigo Business Insights Drive Value for Facilities Management Teams

Large, global corporations rely on Corrigo Enterprise to manage the many details of their facilities management (FM), like overseeing vendors, work orders, assets, invoicing, payments, warranties, quotes, approvals and more. Automation streamlines FM tasks and processes, accelerates results, and adds value through greater operational efficiencies.

Because Corrigo stores all FM costs, dates, parts, and maintenance histories in a dynamic data base, insights from the data can reveal opportunities for considerable cost savings. Corrigo’s artificial, business, and human intelligence maximize operational performance for better facilities management.


As the digital landscape continues to grow,
the amount of data collected is skyrocketing.
But you can’t leverage your data
if you don’t have the right tools to
aggregate, organize, and analyze it.
Corrigo’s insights dig deep to uncover the
comparative trends you need to really
understand your operations, going beyond
the in-the-moment dashboards to answer
bigger questions about how your business is performing.
Insights tunnels into multiple areas of your operation,
crunching, cross-referencing, and delivering insights
across dynamic, customizable dashboards with
actionable intelligence to drive real value.
Insights financial dashboards help you to track
your spending to the penny by specialty
or geography or other factors
for more accurate capital planning.
Visualize savings opportunities that can be
pursued to improve your bottom line.
Optimization insights enable you to evaluate
the quality of work performed by your vendors
and internal technicians, highlighting the best ones
and identifying opportunities for improvement,
empowering you to find the right vendor for you.
Finally, with insights assets dashboard,
you can drill down and uncover what the assets
around your organization are telling you,
including repair-replace recommendations
and which assets need more information.
The bottom line is BI does the data mining
a busy FM doesn’t have time to do.
Corrigo’s intelligence-driven platform
cuts the data mountain down to size.
arming FMs with the intelligent tools they need
to make their operations run a whole lot smarter.
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