Corporate Governance Roundtable — Enhancing Governance in the UAE —Nick Cochrane-Dyet

Businesses rarely succeed by chance. Predictable success requires the right people, pulling in the same direction, delivering products people want, supported by appropriate controls, processes, and ways of working.
Almost all studies report a clear correlation between business success and effective corporate governance. While effective corporate governance may look and feel different in a family-owned conglomerate like Mars, vs a street-fighting crypto startup, it remains an essential ingredient for growth and success.

USD$1 trillion is set to be transferred to the next generation in the Middle East within the next decade. The UAE is positioning itself as one of the top foreign direct investment jurisdictions and structuring centers in the world – with one of the leading global financial centers already in place, there has never been a better time to capture and retain wealth through effective corporate governance.

Under the moderation of Jason Clark (Managing Partner, CCHL), on 27th October 2022, a corporate governance roundtable was held bringing together cross-industry experts, passionate about governance to brainstorm strategies to enhance corporate governance in the UAE.
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