Corporate Governance

This video is prepared for the benefit of Accounting students who are following various different types of professional accounting qualifications such as ACCA UK, CIMA UK, CA Srilanka, CPA US, CMA US, CMA Canada, CMA Srilanka. aat Srilanka and many other streams of accounting qualifications.

Subjects we cover includes Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Costing, Auditing, Business Taxation, Performance Management, Financial Reporting, Business Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Strategic Business Reporting, Strategic, Business Leader, Business and Technology, Economics, Business Studies. Corporate Governance and Ethics and many other subjects to cover.

Our videos also cover current topics of relevance to the professional students and practitioners in the field of finance, accounting and management. Such as countries budget review, Tax law changes, company formation formalities, Import and export regulation of the given country

These videos will include basic theories, practical applications of the theories, exam based question sessions, revision for the each subject matter.

We have made this videos with simple English to make students of Asia and Middle east will understand in better way.

Examples are carefully picked to appropriately cover the content of discussion.

Our team is continuously researching on the subject natter to make sure all the discussions are current and relevant.

All necessary International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (IAS's), any other regulatory matters are covered to provide the updated technical content of the subject is being discussed.

Based on the different exams the question patter may differ and accordingly we tailor our approach in the provided videos

Our presenters are very well qualified and sufficiently experienced in both training the subject matter and practising them in the real life work environment. We always ensure to keep abreast about the quality of the delivery by a peer review prior to publish them in our channel.

We are happy to receive constructive feedback in order to provide you a better quality output in the future and which will be beneficial for all the viewers of our channel.

Our videos also divide based on the examination stages. Such as:

Every exam has different number of levels and we will address the subject matter based on to whom it will be suitable and appropriate for their exams. Exams and levels are ACCA-3 Levels, CIMA- 4 levels, CA Srilanka- 4 levels, aat- 3 stages.

One of our area of expertise is to cover the case study discussion videos mainly CIMA and CA Srilanka and other exams as and when appropriate.

We also cover the specifics of accounting, Internal Auditing , management reporting, business assurance requirements of the companies.

Its also important to highlight that our video lectures will not address the students who appear exams, We provide guidance to the all finance professional who are in the field to assist them gain the required guidance and instructions with regard to their day to day job needs. We will address every all the possible technical areas which these practitioners need in performing their jobs.

Further more these videos will also provide much needed guidance and support for the entrepreneurs and business owners at SME level business. When they are in need of preparing their own financials. they can refer our carefully developed videos as a guide book.

We are happy to be contacted on a personal basis when any one is in need of a dedicated training from our trainers for their education and or for any financial and accounting consultancy for their businesses.

Our trainers have experience catering students and other practice group from different parts of the world. Namley, US, UK, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, Romania, Japan and many other countries in the world.

Should any one interested in contacting us for any type of consultancy, please feel free to contact our Principal consultant Mr M.D.M.Aashikkhan on [email protected] or +94777654509 either directly or through whats app

We will be happy receive any inquiries on behalf any one of our viewers
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