Coordination between all actors - UAM Becoming a Reality - Panel 2

More info: https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/events/easa-high-level-conference-drones

Moderator: Elisabeth LANDRICHTER, Director General of Civil Aviation Austria

Abstract: The implementation of UAM requires all actors to work together in partnership and full coordination toward achieving the commonly agreed goals. The panel will discuss the identification of the key stakeholders and actors needed to support the UAM implementation. The discussion should identify who needs to take the lead in the implementation (who will assume the role of UAM coordinator), and how EC, EASA and NAAs, cities, ANSP/USSPs, airports/vertiports and UAM operators can work together. The panel will also discuss the need to have more practical guidance on UAM to support its harmonised implementation.

Luc TYTGAT, EASA, Safety and Strategy Management Director
Gonzalo VELASCO ZABALBA, Ferrovial, Director airports Business Plan and Innovation
Laurent SISSMANN, Leonardo, Vice President for UAS
Moritz MORODER, Flying Basket, Chief Executive Officer
Eamonn BRENNAN, Eurocontrol, Director General
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