Cookie Decorating Tips and Tricks / Borderlands Bakery IG Live Q&A Dec 2021

I had the darn beauty mode turned on (accidentally) on my new camera and my skin looks ridiculously fake. Sorry. Didn't realize until after. Things mentioned in video:
- Edible Food Dusts:*+product_type:*
- Beginner Affordable Airbrush:, wireless: , food airbrush color
- More of an investment but higher quality check out The Sugar Art Pegasus airbrush system or The Cookie Countess
- Large cutters:
- Projector info:
- Shipping cookies
- My Custom Bakes:
- Ergo Butt Cushion
- Royal Icing Calculator
- Chefmaster White
- Heat seal and packaging
- Cutter Organization bins
- Procreate for Cookiers:
- Freezing cookies
- Colors: lilaloa, (color guides)
- Cookie Pricing
Come take a class:

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