Cook It! : Chef Restaurant &Cooking games(New Update:Fish Restaurant)@cut girls games

Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game is a casual time management clicker that brings to mind other hits like Cooking Mama and Cooking Fever. Your aim, as in other titles in this genre, is to serve up as many plates of food as you can in a set amount of time.

With some quite colorful graphics and very animated music, you've got to set to work cooking all the orders put in by the diners behind the bar. In Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game you start out cooking yummy hamburgers and serving a lot of Cokes. Bit by bit, the orders get more complicated and your menu more expansive.

Time plays a key role in this game and you've got to be very fast to be able to serve all your clients at once. As you move through the levels, the number of clicks you'll need to do on the screen to make all the orders increases, which means staying concentrated is crucial.

The diners are short on patience and if you take too long to serve them, you'll lose money and have to throw the food in the trash. Cook It! Chef Restaurant Cooking Game is, in short, a fun casual game where you can show who's the best chef around – with optimal stress management skills
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