Conversation with the Father of the Bucket Strategy--Harold Evensky

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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Harold Evensky, the father of the Bucket Strategy.

Here are some resources from the show:
--Mr. Evensky's newsletter: https://evensky.com/resources/
--His most recent newsletter: https://files.myprimitive.cloud/uploads/2694e2cef81ee046e63afce3f94e3e632e4db9aa.pdf
--His book (free on Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/Hello-Harold-Veteran-Financial-Investor-ebook/dp/B019G0SSJ4

And some of his published papers:
--Modern Fool’s Gold: Alpha in Recessions: http://www.empirical.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Pfeieffer-Modern-Fools-Gold-Alpha-in-Recessions.pdf
--The Efficacy of Publicly Available Retirement Planning Tools: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2732927
--The Benefits of a Cash Reserve Strategy in Retirement Distribution Planning: https://cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com/sites.udel.edu/dist/a/855/files/2020/08/The-Benefits-of-a-Cash-Reserve-Strategy-in-Retirement-Distribution-Planning.pdf

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0:00 - Welcome to the Financial Freedom Show!
0:20 - A little bit about Mr. Evensky
4:02 - How much can I spend each year without going broke?
6:57 - Stocks vs Bonds
8:47 - The Bucket Strategy
13:49 - Cash bucket
14:17 - Balancing
17:13 - 3 Bucket Strategy
17:55 - Down market
19:40 - Bond ladder
23:02 - TIPS
23:43 - Equities
24:34 - Precious metals/Alternatives
25:53 - REITS
26:43 - Annuities
32:38 - Advisors
34:14 - Link below
34:24 60/40 mix
34:34 - Back to annuities
36:03 - Index funds/Actively managed funds
36:50 - Total Return vs Dividend Investing
40:51 - The firm
41:10 - Anything else?
42:24 - Thank you to Mr. Evensky
44:30 - Most efficient thing to have in a tax deferred account
46:21 - Years needs vs Arbitrary percentage
48:43 - 16 years old with a Roth IRA
49:53 - Paperless tablet
51:52 - Last comment
52:35 - Announcements
52:50 - Financial Freedom

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