Conversation with Ron Adner

As part of a new series of talks exploring the breadth of vision and perspective in NTT DATA's foresight-based value provision on specific industry themes, NTT DATA's Vice President Yamaguchi was in discussion with Dr. Ron Adner of Dartmouth College. They spoke about Economic Disruption, citing examples from the Japanese ecosystem to explore what it means to win the right game in a disruptive ecosystem.

00:00:15 1. Introduction
00:02:12 2. Digital transformation framework of NTT DATA
00:06:37 3. The reason of Introducing Dr. Adner's book
00:09:30 4. The true meaning of "Winning the Right Game"
00:24:52 5. The definition of ecosystem by Dr. Adner
00:29:07 6. Competition in an era of ecosystem disruption
00:42:42 7. Strategy for ecosystem construction
00:55:23 8. Requirement of ecosystem leaders
00:59:39 9. Social issues and ecosystem
01:04:38 10. Wrap-up
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