Controlling the Source: Abusing Source Code Management Systems

Source Code Management (SCM) systems play a vital role within organizations and have been an afterthought in terms of defenses compared to other critical enterprise systems such as Active Directory. SCM systems are used in the majority of organizations to manage source code and integrate with other systems within the enterprise as part of the DevOps pipeline, such as CI/CD systems like Jenkins. These SCM systems provide attackers with opportunities for software supply chain attacks and can facilitate lateral movement and privilege escalation throughout an organization.This presentation will include a background on SCM systems, along with detailing ways to abuse some of the most popular SCM systems such as GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Enterprise and Bitbucket to perform various attack scenarios. These attack scenarios will include reconnaissance, manipulation of user roles, repository takeover, pivoting to other DevOps systems, user impersonation and maintaining persistent access. Additionally, there will be a public release of open-source tooling to perform and facilitate these attacks, along with defensive guidance for protecting these SCM systems.

By: Brett Hawkins

Full Abstract & Presentation Materials: https://www.blackhat.com/us-22/briefings/schedule/#controlling-the-source-abusing-source-code-management-systems-26423
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