Consultants Are Overpaid Deadweight. Here's Why Companies Hire Them.

Consulting is often seen as an appealing career by business majors around the world. As a management consultant, you get to travel the world, work with the largest companies, and get to do something new with every project. You also enjoy the perks of great workplace culture and strong salaries. However, while the career of a management consultant may seem glamorous, it’s not actually all that useful. It’s rare that management consultants ever tell companies something that they don’t already know. But then, why do companies spend a fortune on hiring management consulting firms? Well, the answer boils down to two reasons which are corporate barriers and responsibility. For one, management consultants are helpful in breaking through corporate politics and actually implementing the change desired by the leadership. Similarly, management consultants are the perfect scapegoat if and when things go wrong. This video explains the truth about management consultants and why companies actually hire management consultants.

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0:00 - Management Consultants
2:58 - Breaking Barriers
6:05 - Unpopular Decisions
9:43 - Deadweight

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