Construction Scheduling with Synchro 4D for USA-based Chemical & effluent treatment plant | MaRS BIM

This 4D model of a Chemical and effluent treatment plant project in the USA (worth 6 million) has been produced by MaRS BIM Solutions. The model is an accurate representation of the project schedule and the scheduling/planning of the project This model can be used to track project progress and helps in getting a grasp of the progress planned vs the progress achieved. We used Bentley's SYNCHRO 4D software for 4D BIM Construction Scheduling and Virtual Planning.

By using our 4D BIM Scheduling solutions, our client get help in
✅ Project Monitoring
✅ Progress Review
✅ Document Control & Management
✅ Construction Supervision
✅ Approval & Implementation of Quality Systems
✅ Quality Audits
✅ Material Inspections (Mechanical, Electrical, & Instrumentation)
✅ Bill Certification

Under the Water & Environment sector, MaRS provides high-quality design, engineering & project management consulting services, specific to the following project types.

➡️ Water Supply Schemes
➡️ Waste Water & Underground Drainage Schemes
➡️ City/ULB Storm Water Drainage Schemes
➡️ Solid Waste Management Plans
➡️ Water Treatment Plants & Pumping Stations
➡️ City/ULB Environmental Plans
➡️ Other customized requirements related to water & infrastructure for government bodies, ULBs, and International Institutions

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