Conspiracy Against Lamar Jackson?! | JJ Redick Blasts Kendrick Perkins | 'Jesus Revolution' | Ep 397

It didn’t take long for the sports media world to cry racism over the Baltimore Ravens slapping a non-exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson. It seems no other team in the league is interested in negotiating with the former league MVP, so according to Pro Football Focus, it has to be the racist team owners colluding against the black signal caller. Jason has a few alternative theories based more on common sense than conspiracy. “Fearless” contributors Steve Kim and Coach Jason Brown of “Last Chance U” discuss the business side of Lamar Jackson and why no team has stepped up to pay him what he wants. JJ Redick may not be an ESPN employee much longer after speaking the truth to Kendrick Perkins, Stephen A. Smith and blasting “First Take”. And in Tennessee Harmony, Pastor Anthony Walker, Bryson Gray and Shemeka Michelle join Jason to review the faith based film “Jesus Revolution”.

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00:00 Intro
16:38 Jason & Steve Kim Talk NFL
42:30 'Roll Call'
45:43 Coach Jason Brown
1:07:54 Tennessee Harmony - Fearless At The Movies: "Jesus Revolution"

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