Connect! 2021 Panel: Open Source in AEC with Arup, Blender BIM, WeWork, Weaveworks, Ladybug Tools

*Panel: Open Source in AEC*

Speakers: David de Koning (Product Manager, Arup), Dion Moult (Author, Blender BIM), Steve George (COO, Weaveworks), Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari (Co-founder, Ladybug Tools)

Description: Writing OSS code is just "80%" of the effort - getting it adopted by large enterprises, building a community around it and maintaining it is the other "20%". Moderated by Steve George, COO at Weaveworks, x-Canonical VP, this panel will try to untangle some of the steps AEC needs to take to be more open towards... open source.

*Connect!* is Speckle's three day virtual conference for engineers, designers, BIM managers, hackers, and anyone interested in modern solutions, open-source, and data-driven processes for the AEC industry
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