Confluence Tutorial for Beginners: 1+ Hour Confluence Training Course

➡️ Download your free course transcript and follow along ►https://www.simonsezit.com/confluence-for-beginners-transcript-download/

In this almost 1.5 hours of Confluence tutorial for beginners, we give you an introduction to the Confluence software. We will discuss the key features you need to know to master the powerful capabilities of this wiki application from Atlassian.

We'll go over the different versions of Confluence and how it differs from Jira. We then discuss key Confluence terms you need to know before getting familiar with its interface. We'll also teach you about Personal Spaces and Team Spaces in Confluence and so much more!

We've even included a free downloadable transcription study aid so you can follow along in this Confluence for Beginners Tutorial. Get your FREE course transcript here
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