Conflict is healthy yet resolution is a must

According to Max Lucade, "'Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional." Thus, conflict is either a disagreement, discord or dispute that results from human differences in-terms of goals, desires, aspirations and objectives.

Its a Latin word meaning 'to strike together.'
types of conflict....intra personal or inter personal, intra-group/team or inter-groups.

History has demonstrated through mosaic or chronical era that a sword for a sword or an eye for an eye was the fairest game. Fortunately, the messiah era demonstrated human need to consistently forgive as demonstrated by icons such as President Mandela, Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta and simplified by Mahatma Gandhi, "'An eye for an eye will make the world blind.''

since its a daily agenda, Thomas-Kilmann suggested five conflict management styles namely, Avoiding conflict, compromising, collaborating, competing or accommodating other peoples opinions.
Thus, conflict resolution teaches us that count our wits and hard-lines to agree the outcomes through personal, third party or arbitrators mediation techniques for either a win-win, win-lose, lose-lose or agree to avoid and wait for the next day to differ.

Difference of opinions is healthy and can yield progress if handled by mature conflicting parties.
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