Concealing structural termite damage with aluminum siding.

If you're living in a home that's been affected by termites, you need to take action fast. Don't wait for termites to eat away at your home - get a termite inspection today and find out if you have a termite problem.


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Hi! I'm Home Inspector Dan. I'm a certified home inspector in Gilbert, AZ. I inspect homes and swimming pools, perform termite inspections, and also perform drain camera inspections. I share videos of defects, safety concerns, and some pretty amazing properties. Enjoying what I do so much has made me want to share that with you. I love to see how interested and amazed some people are when they see a defect or finally understand what "that thing does". I am the same way! If you are watching this video you likely live in a home. It has defects that you might not know how to find. Follow me on my home inspecting adventures and I promise you will learn something new.

Home Inspector Dan is a certified home inspector by the state of Arizona Board of Technical Registration, Termite Inspector by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, and is a Certified Professional Inspector @ the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Working alongside industry leaders and constant training has given me the education, resources, and experiences to help you buy your next home. Being employed with BPG Inspections has given me the opportunity to grow and learn from many inspectors across the country.

Home Inspector Dan performs comprehensive visual inspections involving a home’s major visible, structural and mechanical systems for homeowners and prospective buyers. The items examined in a typical home inspection include the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, foundation, roof, exterior and interior structures and built-in appliances. The visual inspection culminates in a set of comprehensive, computer generated reports describing the condition of the items and systems inspected. Your digital report with photos will be delivered within 24 hours or less.

According to the National Pest Management Association International, termites cost $5 billion a year in treatments and damage throughout the United States. All BPG inspectors in Arizona are licensed termite inspectors through the Department of Agriculture in Arizona.

I inspect pool and spas for defects, recommend upgrades, and test equipment. Remember, all underground plumbing needs a camera for inspection, a standard home inspection can not examine underground plumbing. I do provide a sewer camera option at all of my inspections.

I have an infrared camera that I use as I see necessary. I can provide specific thermal inspections alongside a home inspection. I also carry a high quality moisture detector that can detect water 2 inches inside of a tile wall for finding those leaking shower walls or pans.

Please remember that my channel is education, I am not a professional tradesman. I am a professional inspector trained in finding defects, identifying safety issues, educating the homeowner and recommending a tradesman to help my client. The repairman will have the most accurate estimates and opinions as they know their industry far better than the typical home inspector.

I am a professional generalist that, for a fairly nominal fee before the sale of a home, will help a homeowner during the buying process in any way that I can. And remain their home inspector for as long as they own that home, providing education and a resource for answering any of their home ownership questions.


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