Computer Delivered IELTS Listening Practice Test 1 | IELTS Progress Check

I bought this test from IELTS Progress Check official website for $49.95. Through IELTS Progress Check you can experience the real test and get the score card from the IELTS Trainers before you sit for the actual IELTS exam. In this way, you will be able to work on the weak areas of IELTS test and can get fully prepared before the real IELTS exam. In this video you can see how I attempted the listening test and decide if you want to practice it for yourself or not.

To buy this test you can visit the official website from the link below:

*** Content of Video ***

00:00 - 01:07 IELTS Progress Check Listening Test
01:08 - 07:40 Section 1 - Transport Survey
07:41 - 13:38 Section 2 - New City Developments
13:39 - 21:03 Section 3 - Life of Thor Heyerdahl
21:04 - 27:45 Section 4 - The Future of Management
27:46 - 28:08 End of Test - More Test Videos

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