Computer Anudeshak | #Computer teacher l Instructor l Interview Guide

Computer Anudeshak | Interview Guide
Computer teacher
Work profile ??
Computer teacher motivates and inspire young students to learn about basic computer skills and how to computer works
How to build programs
Why computer teacher??
Computer has become a part and parcel our life
Demand of computer is increasing day by day
I have basic knowledge of computer,multiple languages
What are the 8 computer skills every teacher must know??
Touch typing
Networking skills
Email management skills
Internet navigation skills
Word processing skills
Spreadsheet skills
Database management
Electronic presentation skills
Main quality of computer??
Card locking
Web camera
What are the 5 capability of computer??
An in information
A communication tool
A constructive tools
A co constructive tool
A situating tool
Limitations of computer??
Lack common sense
No I Q
No feeling
No thinking capability
No dicision making ability
No learning power
User dependent
No implementation power
What are the three types of computer based on their data handling capability ??
Analog computer
Digital computer
Hybrid computer
Full form of computer??
Common operating machines purposely used for technological and educational research
BIOS stands for ??
Basic input output system
What is Hot booting??
It is way to restart the computer without interrupting power supply
Five types of hardware??
Computer benefits for students??
Computer Improve work efficiency
Help in assignment ,presentation grades check
Computer benefits in teaching profession??
Computer is great revolution in teaching profession
Attendance management
Average calculate
Students performance and grades ka online records
Computer benefits in classroom learning??
Educational games
Digital textbook
Teaching website
Word processing software
Tell me the programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as?
Cell phones use which software to access the Internet??
Micro Browser software
PNG stands for??
Portable network graphic
The world s first truely cross platform programme language is called??
Example of WAN ??
CDMA Fullform??
Code division multiple access
Computer literacy day ??
2 December
Country having multiples computers ??
Who invention of www ??
Tim Berner lee and Robert cailliau
Full form of https??
Hyper text transfer protocol
Fullform of LCD ??
Liquid crystal display
Full form of OCR ??
Optical character recognition
What is Bit ??
Short units of computer memory
First calculator of the world??

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