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CompTIA’s Network+ is one of the most popular entry-level IT and cybersecurity certifications available, and it’s getting an update in September 2021. The new exam (from N10-007 to N10-008) will align the certification with the most in-demand job trends to ensure Network+ holders have the skills necessary to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

Join Randall Edwards, Senior Manager, Certification Product Management, CompTIA, to get the inside scoop on the latest Network+ changes, including:

0:00 - Intro
1:22 - Free CompTIA training resources
2:04 - What certifications do you currently have?
5:25 - CompTIA Network+ overview
9:42 - Network+ job roles and experience
12:15 - Can you earn your Network+ without experience?
17:10 - Why Network+ is different
18:13 - Networking job opportunities
20:10 - Day-to-day life of a networking professional
23:30 - Value of IT certifications
24:40 - Network+ vs. CCNA
25:30 - What's on the Network+ (N10-008) exam?
29:25 - Network+ exam updates
32:13 - Is the new Network+ exam more difficult?
35:30 - Network+ Domain 1.0: Networking fundamentals
41:24 - Network+ Domain 2.0: Network implementations
43:25 - Network+ Domain 3.0: Network operations
45:35 - Network+ Domain 4.0: Network security
46:49 - Network+ Domain 5.0: Network troubleshooting
49:46 - CompTIA Network+ training options
52:15 - What are the Network+ exam pass rates?
53:35 - Can I get my Security+ before my Network+
55:40 - Will Network+ and Security+ ever merge?
57:40 - Can I take my Network+ exam online?
59:38 - Outro

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