Compilation of great investors on - Ben Graham vs Buffett style investing.

This video is a compilation of great investors on cigar butt investing vs Buffett style investing.

Links to the videos
Warren Buffett -
Jean Marie Eveillard -
Jean Marie Eveillard -
Howard Marks -
Walter Schloss -
Charlie Munger -

0:00 - Intro.
0:03 - Warren Buffett explains what's a cigar butt investment.
1:09 - Cigar butt vs growth investing.
1:12 - Jean Marie Eveillard - Graham vs Buffett investing style.
2:09 - Jean Marie Eveillard explaining the difference between the 2 styles of investing.
7:12 - Howard Marks on cigar butt vs growth investing.
10:30 - Walter Schloss on cigar butt vs growth investing.
13:09 - Charlie Munger on why did Graham invest in cigar butts and not in great companies.
15:34 - Charlie Munger on the hardship in Munger/Buffett style investing.
17:27 - Charlie Munger all businesses die in the end.
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