Competition and Governance in Platforms

Many of the most valuable established firms (e.g., Apple) and startups (e.g., Xiaomi) base their business on a digital platform. What can a platform company do to orchestrate the value creation activities of semi-autonomous complementors that are critical to the vibrancy and success of a platform? How does a platform company shape its relationship with complementors and capture value in the process? The speakers will present their recent work on the relationship between the platform owner and complementors, from a competitive and cooperative perspective.

In this online session hosted by the SMS Cooperative Strategies Interest Group, we bring together leading scholars who are working at the forefront of digital platforms to discuss the latest theoretical and technical developments and their strategic implications.

We welcome our speakers Feng Zhu and Tony Tong, two leading experts in digital platforms. Feng Zhu is a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and an expert on platform strategy, digital transformation and innovation. He will discuss how platforms compete successfully. Tony Tong is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business and an expert on platform governance and digital markets. His presentation will focus on how platform owners can orchestrate their relationships with complementors and users.

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Competition and Governance in Platforms | Strategic Management Society
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