Community in Caracas brings films to marginalized hillsides

(27 May 2022)
Caracas - 25 May 2022
1. Various of homes and buildings on hill above San Agustin neighborhood
Caracas - 23 May 2022
2. Pan from street to Alameda Theater
Caracas - 25 May 2022
3. Residents checking film festival calendar
Caracas - 23 May 2022
4. Beginning of a film projected at theater
5. Person recording screen with cellphone
6. People watching movie
7. Reinaldo Mijares, community leader and film festival director, watching film
8. People applauding at theater
9. Mijares walking to stage
10. Reinaldo Mijares speaking to the crowd UPSOUND (Spanish): "For more than six, seven decades, we have understood that arts and culture are the tools to transform our social realities."
11. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Reinaldo Mijares, film festival director and San Agustin resident:
"We always have the vision that any of the work we do, any of the cultural products we create, we always do it with the vision of the city. We are interested in the (working class) neighborhood opening up to the city and the city opening up to neighborhood. And in that sense, this first local film festival is as the rest of our projects: thinking from the local outwards. We intend for it to be an annual festival."
12. Various of people watching film
13. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Reinaldo Mijares, film festival director and San Agustin resident:
"(We're) going to be able to see films, to bring cinema to the people. Not just waiting for people to come to the cinema, but to be able to open space in the community itself."
Caracas - 25 May 2022
14. Various of San Agustin neighborhood and cable cars passing by
15. San Agustin resident hanging up a film festival poster in neighborhood
16. Street in San Agustin neighborhood  ++NIGHT SHOT++
17. Children walking on the street before stopping at house after realizing an animated film is being projected
18. People watching film inside a house in the neighborhood
19. Children watching film
20. View of Caracas city seen from San Agustin
21. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Reinaldo Mijares, film festival director and San Agustin resident:
"We decided to create a cultural organization that is '100% San Agustín', and through this foundation we created a plan because we believed in the need to systematize and give a better level of organization to the management of cultural (activities) in the community that has been done in this neighborhood during the last decades."
Caracas - 24 May 2022
22. Photos on display in exhibition in San Agustin Neighborhood
23. Close of picture of child holding camera, next to a group of pictures taken by him as part of a photography workshop for children of San Agustin
24. Various of people and children looking at pictures
25. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Bersahi Seijas, San Agustin resident:
"For all of the people of San Agustin, this is kind of natural. This is part of our daily life. I mean, we within our homes, we are born with culture, with art."
Caracas - 23 May 2022
26. Tilt down to band playing music in San Agustin
27. People playing basketball while music is playing
28. Various of musicians playing
29. Various of people applauding as musicians finish a song
A neighbourhood in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas has been hosting a film festival as part of its efforts to bring the people of city together through art.  
Neighborhoods like San Agustin, being settlements atop of hills, have been historically marginalized from the cities and are often places of violence.

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