Community As Business Development Tool

Many organizations understand that they need to build one or more communities, that they need to start thinking as a community. They see many values of building a community but how can we reach a stage where the values are also impactful and relevant to the business goals? How do we align Community KPIs and OKRs to the ones of the organization’s?
In this talk, I’ll share The IS-CL Network’s methodology for helping organizations find what they really need and can achieve by either working with communities and/or building their own community.

ABOUT Mike Silberg from The IS-CL Network
Since 2002 Mike has been harnessing the power communities for business and other purpose-driven organizations. Mike started his formal career as a Student Brand Manager at Redbull, startup Entrepreneur, KPMG in the management consulting team, and at Wework as a community launcher.
In 2017 he co-founded the IS-CL Summit (International Startup Community Leaders Summit) the event that brought together 500 startup community professionals from over 50 countries! The event spawned his agency, IS-CL (AKA; The IS-CL Network) a decentralized community agency working with companies and organizations around the world.
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