Communication Tips for Performance Reviews: What to Say in Your Performance Review

In this video, I talk about communication tips for performance reviews. Specifically, I help you get clear on what to say in your next performance review so you can impress your boss! Many people don't prepare for their performance review. They leave the meeting up to chance and hope their boss will automatically recognise their hard work and achievements. But this doesn't always happen.

You have to bring your achievements and success to the performance review and help your boss see them. I first talk about why performance reviews are important, and then I delve into five things you need to talk about in your performance review. There are actionable steps and example sentences included in this video. Make sure you take notes!

00:00 What to say in a performance review.
00:25 Why are performance reviews important?
00:55 1. How to highlight your achivements.
02:28 2. Talk about how you've progressed in your job.
03:44 3. Talk about areas you can improve on.
05:23 4. Ask about future plans for your department and company.
06:11 5. Ask about future expectations your boss has of you.
07:30 What to do if you get nervous in your performance review meeting.

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